4 Ways Staging Puts Thousands More in Your Pocket When Selling a Home

interior design of a house

You are about to list your home for sale, and you’re wondering…does staging matter? These days listing a home may mean staging it. But does staging really make your house sell faster, or for more money? The truth is that it depends on what’s in the home, its condition, and its location. Here’s where staging helps:

1. Don’t sell an empty house

Staging can help an empty house sell faster, which generally means getting more money in the long run. Staged homes help buyers focus on living in the house, rather than wondering how they’ll fill all this empty space. They place a higher value on a home that feels more “finished.”

2. Location isn’t everything

At least your location doesn’t have to be the deal killer. Staging can help a house in a less desirable location sell faster. When a buyer has fewer “nice” options in their price range, then a staged home stands out.

3. Oddballs can win, too

Homes with odd layouts can also benefit from staging. A home with a middle room, for example, that has two doors. Most people can’t picture what to do with the space without staging

4. Cleaning is devine

A home with tasteful newer furnishings probably does not need much outside staging. Cleaning, de-cluttering, and rearranging can do the trick. Or a few single decorative pieces.

Whether you are looking to sell this year or next year, sitting down with a professional can get you on the right track. Staging a home will have an upfront cost associated with it, but the decade of houses selling fast with multiple offers is slowly moving further away in the rearview. The market is changing and you will have to adapt to a market with high-interest rates and high home prices, which just means fewer buyers will be making offers on your home. Every little will help improve your chances of getting a great deal.

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